Did you know that no matter how long ago, once you’ve had a child then you’re officially postpartum?  That’s exactly why I don’t have any age limit on children within my classes.  In fact, some mums come on their own whilst their little one is being looked after.

Suitable for all mums following your postnatal check (around 6 weeks or 10-12 weeks for caesareans), the classes are a fun and safe way to exercise and develop your health and fitness again following pregnancy and childbirth. 

Run in a circuit-style, you choose your own pace of exercise so it’s perfectly suited to mums returning back into exercise and experiencing broken sleep throughout the night.

The classes run on:

You can book a class either directly online or by contacting us.

  • £6 per individual class.
  • £25 for 5 classes. These can be taken over a 2 month period.

See the FAQ page which covers the main questions that mums usually have before coming to the classes.