When you say you have a garage gym – what does this mean?
Imagine a double garage, minus the cars and all the usual horde of useless crap that you have in there!  Now put in your rower, bike, all the weights and other equipment you’ll ever need and don’t forget a fancy gym floor to exercise on.  All coming together to give you the perfect private workout space.  Don’t take my word for it though – get in touch and you can pop round to take a look!

Aren’t personal training sessions a bit scary and intimidating?
I get where you’re coming from! When I first started to have PT sessions 7 years ago I was really nervous that being on my own with a coach would mean my every move would be scrutinised and I’d have to ‘perform’ really well.   What really surprised me and motivated me to keep on with them still to this day is that I soon came to realise it wasn’t about how well I could do something,  it was about having the right support and guidance to help me feel healthier and fitter than I’d ever been before in my life.

How often would I do sessions with you?
That’s your call, whatever fits best with your home and work life.  Some women train with me twice a week, others weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

You seem to like using weights, will it make me bulky?
In a word – nope! Using weights not only does stuff like giving you overall strength and builds your bone density which decreases with age, it’s totally empowering and makes you feel quite frankly like you can conquer the world! There is not a single woman who I’ve coached so far who has said to me they don’t enjoy and have felt the benefits of doing weights.  If you need convincing anymore – they’re great for tackling bingo wings😉

Do I have to do those before and after pictures?
Absolutely not!  You’d never find me posing in my underwear for someone to then share it on social media and I’d never ask that of another woman. Some women chose to take pictures for themselves, others we track progress by measurements and/or by weight.  Whichever you choose to do; alongside this we’ll be reviewing how your fitness is improving, which of course it will be!

How is it even possible to exercise with your baby/child there?
Trust me, I’ve been running the classes for over a year now and it really does work!  Whether your little one chills out in the play area, gets cuddles whilst you squeeze in some squats and lunges, crawls or walks about with their buddies, is rocked in the pram or sits chomping on some snacks – we just go with the flow!  Remember, you’re in a room full of mums who get it and we’re all there to help each other. 

Are there age limits on children coming to class?
No.  Following your postnatal check, all children are welcome in class.  In school holidays, older siblings come along too and can join in or just chill out during class.

Will I be ok to come to class if I’ve had a c-section or have diastasis recti?
Absolutely.  Following a c-section I’d recommend at least 10-12 weeks before starting to exercise and many mums have joined classes after that period.  I’ve also had a lot of mums at class who have been diagnosed with diastasis recti (separated stomach muscles).  The key thing is that I will make sure that the exercises are suitable and will support your recovery – for example you’ll never see a crunchie (I don’t mean the chocolate kind) in one of my classes as this is a big no-no for postnatal mums!

I’ve not exercised for ages does this matter?
Not at all.  I’ve designed the classes so that you can work at the pace that’s right for you.  In every session I offer lots of options for each exercise too, so we can make sure it’s right for where you are on your postnatal journey.  This isn’t some hardcore bootcamp where I’m shouting at you to do more reps, it’s a chance to exercise and get fitter in a fun and supportive environment.

What do I need to bring?
Trainers and clothes you’re comfortable to work out in.  Whatever your little one needs to feed.  I provide all the exercise equipment and also play mats and some toys.

Do I have to book a term of classes?
No you don’t.  One of the things that annoyed me on my own mat leave was having to book whole terms of classes which then restricted what I did on a certain day for months on end!  You can either book for individual classes or book a block of 6 that you can then use over both venues and across a 2 month period.  The bonus of the block is you grab yourself a free class.

Where do you run?
It depends on the time of year and how light the evenings are.  During spring/summer/early autumn both groups run in Worsley Woods which is just beautiful.  As the darker night draw in then the woods become too dark (sob sob) and we move to Worsley where we run under the street lights on Worsley Road.  Not as beautiful as the woods but a whole lot safer!

Do I need fancy running gear?
No you don’t but I would strongly advise investing in a decent pair of trainers and not dragging out a pair from the cupboard that you’ve had since school.  There’s trainer shops locally where you can get fitted for some (happy to give you details and I’m not on commission!) and they really are worth their weight in gold for the comfort and support you’ll get from them.

Do I have to be a ‘real runner’ to come to your groups?
You’re more likely to hear talk of things like the latest Netflix series, the best chocolate to eat and what people are doing at the weekend then PBs (personal bests) or running events. Whilst they’re not groups where you have to be a serious runner, we are friends with many and still love them!

Do I have to be able to run fast to come to your groups?
Absolutely not! In each of the groups, you’ll find there are other women who naturally run at the same pace as you and I’ll make sure that you get to run with them.  Our golden rule is that no woman is ever left to run on their own. I mean why would you do that when you can instead be having a nice run whilst chatting to another like-minded woman?!