Welcome to Mum’s The Word Fitness, which I took the plunge and founded after seeing how much exercise helped me to feel slightly more balanced and juggle my own work and family life!

Throughout my life I’ve been lucky to enjoy exercising in many forms! It started in the ’70s when I did morris dancing and become world champion aged 6 (had to get that in there!). The ’80s and ’90s were full of aerobics and step classes.  In the noughties I went all zen after travelling in India and South East Asia so yoga became my thing.  When 2012 arrived, I then found CrossFit and how lifting weights really helped to clear my mind and make me feel happy.

No matter what the type of exercise though, there were always a couple of things that I lucked out on each time. Firstly, finding the right people to exercise with and secondly the right coaches who inspired, guided and supported me.

So where does me founding Mum’s the Word Fitness fit with this then?

My aim is to give you the community and coaching that you need to feel inspired and supported to exercise and feel healthier and better about yourself. 

To do this I’m bringing not only my own life experiences as a busy working mum but as a woman who’s invested a lot of time and money in becoming a personal trainer with a specialism in postnatal exercise and wellbeing. 

The MTW Fitness community is now well over 70 women strong; all of whom are managing busy lives.  We always welcome new women so it’d be lovely for you to join us!